Friends of Borden Church

...maintaining the fabric of our historic building

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Borden Church stands in the centre of the village at the top end of The Street. The church is basically a Norman flint building, with later Gothic additions, most of which was constructed during the 12th and 13th centuries. It is believed that the site may have been used for a church even earlier. The church was originally a gift from Simon, son of Peter de Borden, confirmed by King John in 1205. The current building has therefore witnessed at least eight centuries as the focal point of the village.

The income generated by the regular congregation is barely sufficient to meet the day to day running costs. There is very little money left to pay for any maintenance of the fabric of the building or essential projects. It would thus be a tradegy if our generation failed to help in maintaining the fabric of the building that we have inherited. For this reason the Friends of Borden Church was established.

The Friends of Borden Church, registered charity 1094542, was incepted in 2002. Since then we have been busy raising funds and spending on worthy projects to keep the church in good condition. The more noteable projects funded by the Friends have been:


Church Organ Fund

We raised £10,000 towards the cost of the repair and servicing of our historic 100 year old church organ.

2011 was a year of major maintenance and, whilst the PCC paid for the majority of the work carried out, the Friends contributed £10,000 towards the restoration of the Lady Chapel window and £5,442 for the repair and makeover of the Tower Clock. Looking to the future, as the part of the proposed development project, it is hoped that the church can be completely rewired to improve the quality of the lighting and increase the number of plug sockets available. The FOBC have undertaken to make a contribution to this work and so the need for fundraising is as urgent as ever.


Friends Fund Raising





Money for Old Ropes

Well actually money for new ropes.   The friends paid in 2009 for repair to the "Ellacombe" aparatus and a protective cage to be built so the church bells can be rung in safety.